Friday, 27 January 2017

NEET but not in a good way!

So the boy wonder has been NEET (not in education, employment or training) since June now. He's getting into bad habits!!!

The Government says this is not ok and the law now requires all young people to remain in education or training until their 18th birthday and so Local Authorities have a broad duty to secure provision for these young people (this can go up to the age of 25 for young people with an education, health and care plan) to encourage, enable and assist them.

Boy wonder was doing ok, he nearly finished his previous course and was all set to start a supported internship (apprenticeship type course with extra support chucked in due to his LD) but then over the summer life somewhat imploded and so he refused to enrol.

So what to do?

●I begged the local authority to give him some time to settle his life before they ceased his EHCP.
●I got back in touch with our careers services specialist LD adviser. Check if your careers service has one if you need them.
●Careers found a more personal development type course with the Princes Trust and we checked it out together.
●I just kept up with the 'when you're ready you can do.....' and quietly supported without nagging. That's so hard to do!!
●I ignored the adult social worker who said 'he doesn't want to do it' because I know my son best. I know he needs the information presenting to him so he can understand it and I know how anxious he gets so his default position when you tell him something is 'no' until you explain why its good for him.

Fingers crossed he starts on Monday :-)

UPDATE he's just completed his first week and is really enjoying it!

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