Friday, 13 January 2017

Hello again

Welcome to my first blog. I thought it might be fun to track the ramblings of an exhausted adoptive mum. We’re 12 years in here and still clinging on as a family. A newly placed 6 year old sure made life interesting but now as an 18 year  old I can see how ‘easy’ that 6 year old was!
A couple of years ago I helped write a chapter for a BAAF book and things were swimming along nicely, or so I thought! Two years later it’s bumpy and not so much fun at times but I’m still smiling mostly (and that’s not because of wine) so I’m blogging because
A) my two favourite bloggers  agreed it was a good idea
B) adopted teens get a rough deal
C) no one seems to know where I stand as a parent whilst my adult child still needs me
Happy reading and come back soon x

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