Sunday, 11 June 2017

19 years old! Are we getting there?

I suddenly realised last night while enjoying the company (and a nice tea) of @meandminimees that I haven't written anything for a while. That isn't because life has been great I think it's more because life is the same old, same old and quite challenging at times even though Boy Wonder is now 19 (do i need to change the name of my blog I wonder?)

The much of a muchness is he's back in another educational project as he still wants a job with little understanding of the requirements of that so needs work based skills to be learnt to enable him to hold find and hold down even a very part time job.

His relationship with me can still be very challenging and his friendships are still very exploitatitive and one sided.

But then yesterday at yoga I bumped into a social worker I haven't seen for 2 years who knows us well and I focused on telling her the positives as she reminded me he is now an adult and so living away from home isn't now unusual and I should  not feel guilty that he is!

So here are the positives for a change

His social worker has realised that I know what I am on about and has backed off to remain working behind the scenes and leave the support staff who know him well to support day to day with me.

We still go for breakfast once a week and spend other time together now with no aggression or threats of violence (this is huge!)

He is still (sporadically) attending some sort of activities to maintain some structure to his life and I keep hoping this will improve.

I have worked out when to step in and equally when to step back for my own sanity and the continuation of our positive relationship.

So not much happening but loads happening at the same time to give me hope that out lives are settling and most importantly I AM STILL MUM !!


  1. We had a lovely tea! Was great to meet up. I think we all need to step back and think how far we have come. We have so much going on that we rarely stand back and take stock. Well done you, small steps and all that! Thanks for being there for me too, always good to have someone who "gets" it x